Friday, September 4, 2009

When Serenity Comes~

Salam world... last aku cam emo sgt,a lil psyco..maybe..
Tp beselah,if xde ketegangan n kekusutan edup xler dinamakan kematangan..
Maybe if sesape yg bace pun cam pk saiko giler dak neh,mende alah camtu pun nk tls..
But i just want to free myself..x kesahlah..
Aku juz nk meluahkan ape yg aku rase n I think I really feel much better now..
Trusting people is not part of my life now..
Honestly,now I hate people being so damn judgemental..
Hey,just live your life la..
Gipun now aku xrase nk suh org bace post aku pown..
It just wut I feel rite la kan,dah lame giler x emo neh..hahaha
Skarang aku nak pk,what I want to do after this..
Further my study>where?
Being extraordinary is me,so just welcome to my life..
a life of weirdo..hahahaha~
Now,I feel much comfortable with my life..
Lucky me coz I still have people who back me up when I face problems in my life..
And you know who you are~
After this I think I want to post about some info that are suitable for reading..tq.
Tetiba blog jadi bahan luahan hati lak...hahaha..stupid me~
When the world can be so mean..remember you have your own life to go~

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