Monday, April 22, 2013

A Loner?

Insecure sucks, seriously... I don't even think I have the right mind right now. I miss my mum, a lot.. hell yeah, I don't even think life is more than I imagined. Even when we don't do anything still it looks bad. I dunno anymore, that's why I like to be alone. A loner is what I chose. Even tho it's said like that, truthfully I never be alone. I had my family, my friends. Never felt alone, especially when I pray. My entry might be annoying, might be mysterious and might be everything but my blog is my space. I do wrote everything here. When I feel sucked up, I need my space here. Its like watching yourself struggling, hahaha.

I am a BIGBANG fans, a YG stan, and I proud to be. Why? Never mind me, sometimes I search for BIGBANG to release my tension. I think I need a BB pass to really make me proud, haha. Really, I'm not in the right mind.

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