Monday, January 18, 2010


What is future? What will you become in future? Everything was so damn different as the time pass by. There is one point, one moment that I do not know when and I just feel different. When I told my bff that I felt that I was changing to someone else which I felt that it was not me, she just said everybody did. I was confused. Why did I became like this. I really do not like it. It taste awful. Let the gone be by gone and let the future lead you to what you will become..heh. I am a person who always think about others feeling towards what I acted. I care about what they think of me. Honestly, it really disturbed me especially when I did something that I think it was not good to be perform. Now, it become so damn hard for me because I feel numb and do not know what to do. I feel awkward about my life. Now I really looking forward for the future and I wish it will become more pleased with me. I just want my life to be like I used to be. I need my happy soul, my laughter, my truly zany attitude, the one that accept people no matter who they are, the one that smile a lot and never feel bad about her life. I need her, so damn need. So I am wishing for the future to treat me well. Guide me please to be a good citizen, a good friend, a good neighbour, a great cousin, a good nephew, a great sister and a superb daughter.

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