Sunday, September 19, 2010


Hello world..

So this entry I dedicate to all the people in the world.Hope all of u can understand my English.ahak.Last day,I went out with my sista and her friend.We did some shopping,window shopping and see a movie.My main point is to talk about a movie that I watch - Resident Evil Afterlife.Dude,it was really AWESOME!!  I can't blink my eyes a second coz I don't want to miss any parts from the movie.   Hell,I don't have any complaints about the story cast,plot or anything.Yup,maybe the story is about zombie,bad residency and bla bla..but all the scenes,the cinematography I give 150%..There's something happened to Alice,so all the RE fans should/must see this movie.U would not regret.Remember Claire and K-Mart?Yup they here too.Thanks to people who told me about this movie,I thought there was no more RE..huhu.People who love to see action movie also can spend some money to watch RE Afterlife.


Filmed with James xameron/Vincet Pace (Fusion Camera System)
Starting September 10

Milla Jovovich and Ali Larter make a great team.There are also some spontaneos comedy that will put a smile on ur face.The actions look real and some scenes will take ur breath away,fuhhh.. I just want to say,u won't regret if u choose this movie in ur list.Maybe after this I want to see Magika.If I do,I'll tell u some review about Magika.huhu..

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