Friday, July 24, 2009


Do all of you have handphones?I think the answer is yes.For sure even a standart 1 student do have a handphone in their pocket.Nowadays,this thing is very important in our life,and im sure for some of us,we just can live without it.But,do handphones still with you if you are sick and lying restlessly on bed?Today I heard about my friend who is sick and she doesn't even reply our messages.So,this situation recalls me about what had happened to me before.
Long time ago,I was warded and that was the longest time I ever been warded in my whole life.I remember that I don't even care about my handphone and I just feel like I do not have it.All I care that time is to recover from my illness.All I know that I do have it when my sis brought it to the hospital and told me that it has been ringing and beeping all the times.I just smile and take it from her.Even my sis ask me to read all the messages.When I remember that time,Im thinking,even at 1 point I just can't live without my handphone,but in the other time i found that there are still important things that you have to care about.What I want to ask,if you are very really ill,do you still mind about your hp?

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